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Essex App Offers Out Of Work Personal Trainers A Lifeline During COVID-19 Pandemic

17 Feb Essex App Offers Out Of Work Personal Trainers A Lifeline During COVID-19 Pandemic

Lockdown has seen over 70% of gym goers ditch their memberships with many gyms remaining closed throughout the COVID-19 lockdown. Not only a detriment to people’s health and fitness, the closures have also seen a huge rise in the number of Personal Trainers that are out of work. New app and online platform, Coachtribe, is offering those personal trainers a lifeline.

Labelled as “Uber for personal trainers”, Coachtribe is a global online platform designed to connect personal trainers and sports coaches with a huge number of potential clients for 1-to-1, “in person” coaching. Once signed up through the pioneering app, clients can search, book and pay for their COVID-safe coaching sessions electronically with minimal hassle.

In short, Coachtribe provides a valuable business tool to complement a coach’s expertise and generate work at a time when gyms across the country have been forced to close.

With a range of different packages and generous fee retention rates, personal trainers can keep up to 90% of their earnings, which is much higher than what’s offered by many gyms. Furthermore, by putting personal trainers in direct contact with interested potential clients, this revolutionary platform also removes the need for the hard sell that many trainers have to go through in order to gain new work. An easy and valuable option for personal trainers, Coachtribe are hoping to not only help personal trainers regain the income lost during the pandemic, but also to give users a safe and effective training experience.