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Ellisons celebrates 10 years of business in Clacton-on-Sea

11 May Ellisons celebrates 10 years of business in Clacton-on-Sea

Ellisons Solicitors is celebrating a milestone this year as its Clacton-on-Sea office marks its 10th anniversary.

The Essex and Suffolk-based legal firm has had a presence in Clacton-on-Sea since merging with PTL Solicitors in 2008.  Since then Ellisons has strengthened its presence on the Tendring peninsula, and established itself as one of the leading providers of legal services in Essex.

Ellisons celebrated the anniversary with a garden reception held at the Clacton-on-Sea office on 10th May, attended by local clients and intermediaries.

Nicky Coates, Lead Partner for the Tendring Peninsula at Ellisons, said: “It is a significant year for our Clacton office.  Not only has the team gone from strength to strength, meeting and exceeding the needs of our clients for ten years, but there have also been a number of personal achievements to celebrate. This year has seen the firm celebrate a record number of promotions across the region, including two from the Clacton office.  Two of our Clacton-based solicitors are also celebrating a year since their qualification. All these achievements highlight our commitment to building the firm’s specialism and expertise in Clacton and across all our offices.”