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ELIZZA releases Myles Stephenson collaboration ‘Want to Keep’

06 Apr ELIZZA releases Myles Stephenson collaboration ‘Want to Keep’

One of the most perfectly timed releases of 2020 is ELIZZA’s latest single, ‘Want to Keep’. Made in collaboration with Mylo (aka Myles Stephenson from X Factor winners Rak-Su) the track is an uplifting paean to love and happiness. Its infectious blend of pop hooks and R&B sass make it the ideal tune to blast out this spring/summer — whatever your relationship status!

‘Want to Keep’ is an irresistible, self-assured slice of RnB-tinged pop with a chorus that you’ll be singing over and over after one listen. Co-written with songwriter Mafro, the song fell into the ears of Myles Stephenson, who leapt at the chance to produce. “He heard it through a mutual friend,” ELIZZA explains of how she met the former I’m a Celebrity contestant and Rak-Su member and member of one of pop’s coolest bands. “When he sent me his take on it, I knew that we had to work together. I couldn’t be more excited to release it.”

Speaking about the song’s lyrics, ELIZZA says, “They’re about someone who makes me feel accepted, desired, passionate, and secure. When we live in the vibration of happiness and love, our energy resonates at a high frequency and everything flows. When you find a person who makes you feel like that, keep them around!”

‘Want to Keep’ follows ELIZZA’s previous release, last year’s similarly unforgettable ‘Can’t Quit’. Both singles display the way her storytelling skills support her intuitive talent for song-writing. “I write from an authentic place,” she states. “There are certain things I can’t always vocalize in my day-to-day life, but which music helps me to articulate. I want to keep it real, stay true to what I feel and let my music be my language.”

ELIZZA began singing, performing, and writing poetry at a young age. Initially inspired by pop legends such as Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, and Joss Stone, she now also cites artists as such as SIA, Dua Lipa, and Jorja Smith as touchstones. Gaining a formal musical education at BIMM, she has been featured in Clash magazine and interviewed on Fubar Radio and BBC Introducing. With such a wide range of influences and deep passion for her music, ‘Want to Keep’ is only the beginning of ELIZZA’s journey.