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Elephant in the room at Web Summit? Meet Skipjack Corporation and the Zetanet

25 Sep Elephant in the room at Web Summit? Meet Skipjack Corporation and the Zetanet

Every year Web Summit is attended by a lot of great and innovative companies from around the world. Everything from regular tech to AI to VR, AR and more, you can find at Web Summit.

This year there will be a special attendee from Singapore, Skipjack Corp and their product Zetanet. Skipjack Corp is developing a new internet called the Zetanet. According to Skipjack Corp, Zetanet will be beyond people’s imagination and possible capabilities in comparison to the existing internet. Skipjack Corp will demonstrate Zetanet live beta for the first time to the audience in Web Summit, Lisbon.

Every year Web Summit has a number of companies which a truly making an impact with their innovative technology. How will Skipjack Corp will present Zetanet at the Web Summit is interest to everyone.

Earlier in 2018 Skipjack Corp has organized events in Singapore and Indonesia as well as attended summits and conferences in the Asia Pacific. Skipjack Corp has always presented themselves at a high standard. How will Skipjack Corp present the company in the Web Summit for the first time?

Skipjack Corp’s founder is a serial and experienced entrepreneur who has invested already over $3 million of his personal capital into Zetanet project. Skipjack Corp’s founder has worked in the Middle East with authorities and has established very personal links with powerful people in the gulf.

Skipjack Corp also has an investor from Korea with an extremely powerful background in business development as earlier in the history he has done over a billion usd in sales.

Skipjack Corp has a strong team and a very sharp vision which is to disrupt the internet. What will happen at the Web Summit? Will any of the leading tech companies join Skipjack Corp to pursue internet disruption? Just a month away until we find out.