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The Doll Master film gets premiere at local cinema

26 Sep The Doll Master film gets premiere at local cinema

by Tasha Turner

The Doll Master a new british horror film by  directed by Steven M. Smith got its film premiere on Sunday night in Romford.

Director Steven M. Smith leads arrivals with Heavy D


The flick which star’s local celebrated actor Tony Fadil also features Rorie Stockton and Sarah Ann Denton.

The red carpet played host to stars from the world of showbiz with Heavy D, Big Brother star’s Chelsea Singh & Jemima Slade, Amrick Channa, Charley Clark and Can Somer all descending on the Mercury Mall.

Pictured: Charley Clark and Can Somer join in on the fun


The synopsis of the film centres around housebound recluse Norman (Tony Fadil) is forced to conquer his fears and step out into the world when his beloved ventriloquist’s doll Hugo is kidnapped. It appears that the guilty party is care worker Johnny (Rorie Stockton), a wrong ‘un who isn’t who he pretends to be. Unfortunately, Johnny is about to discover that Hugo has a mind of his own…”

The film was yesterday released on DVD inTesco, Asda, Morrisons, HMV and on various online retailers.

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