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Dementia Is Named As East Anglia’s Biggest Fear

05 Jul Dementia Is Named As East Anglia’s Biggest Fear

by Matthew Martino

New research has revealed the extent to which East Anglia fears the effects of dementia on themselves and their loved ones.

In a survey by Asda Pharmacy more than a third said that a loved one being diagnosed with dementia and taken into care is their worst fear. A further 57% confirmed they worry about developing dementia. Whilst 30% said this is a greater concern than suffering from a terminal illness, losing mobility, or financial security.

However, despite this fear people from East Anglia are often reluctant to seek help. Of those suffering from any early indicators that something is wrong, many are hesitant to confide in anyone about it, whether that be a family member or a health professional. More than half of East Anglia said they would wait some time before speaking to a GP about memory loss.

More than a quarter of East Anglia would also avoid speaking to a loved one about memory health concerns until they had discussed with a Doctor first.

However, people’s hesitancy to speak to a GP means many are missing out on early diagnoses, something which is essential to treat the condition effectively.