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David Weekender on Celebs Go Dating: IT’S OUT WITH THE OLD, AND IN WITH THE NEW!

10 Mar David Weekender on Celebs Go Dating: IT’S OUT WITH THE OLD, AND IN WITH THE NEW!

On last night’s Celebs Go Dating we saw the celebrities final dates with their potentials for the dinner date!

Ferne was on her first date with a tattooed hunk called Ben. He was a good looking lad but his chat was just horrific, he showed off his party trick which to be honest the most basic thing I’ve ever seen, come on I mean even my nephew could move his tongue fast. Also his chat up lines were just diabolical, I feel so bad for Ferne! Is she ever going to find the man of her dreams? 

Jorgie spoke to Eden and Nadia about her date yesterday. And that was fair to say it was a disaster, her date hit her and also said he wanted to watch her on the toilet. That’s not even the worst of it. He thought her name was Georgia. Sorry what?

Wow! Anyway that date over Jorgie went on another date with a absolute rocket called Phil, proper fit like!!! They were flirting throughout and it looks like they had an amazing time.

Perri finally got a second date with the beautiful Poppy. He is getting so much more confident now and it’s so cute to watch. Perri is absolutely buzzing because he actually really likes her and he’s getting so good at flirting and making girls laugh.

The date went so well but he had a slight shock when he found out she used to date a thirty year old. I mean big difference considering people still think Perri is thirteen. He managed to look past that and asked Poppy to go to the final dinner date.

Jonathan had to awkwardly ring his date and tell her that he didn’t see a future with her! I’m sure it’s because she’s female that he thinks there’s no connection. I just really think he’s gay!!! 

Mr Cheban should be taking me to Paris!

Out on a second date with Harry, Melody is having a really good time again and seems to be getting on so well with him. 

Nadia and Eden have more celebs on their books as they speak to TOWIE’S Bobby Norris as he wants to find love at the agency I wonder if they have time for the gorgeous Bobby to find a date! 

Hope you enjoyed my column!
@DavidWeekender X