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David Weekender on Celebs Go Dating: KISSES OR CONFLICT?

25 Feb David Weekender on Celebs Go Dating: KISSES OR CONFLICT?

By David Weekender

On thursday night’s Celeb’s Go Dating we saw quite a few of our celebrities go on dates with people they had already been out with.

Jonathan went on a date with a girl that looks so similar to his best friend Kim Kardashian. It gets me thinking does he see Kim than more than just a friend? Even though I thought he was gay.

Jonathan’s date had him waiting which got him rather frustrated, to the point where he ordered her food for her and he even confronted her. It was honestly like she was his student at school and she was late for class. Jonathan come across very abrupt and was quite crude which was so cringey it made my skin crawl slightly!

I actually quite like Jonathan but the way he come across was rude and as if going on that date was an inconvenience.

Next up was Joey and Perri together, they were taking part in a flirting class to help yeah Perri how to flirt! It was so cute and his jokes are that horrific it was funny. Joey was there to help him as Joey is the master of pulling birds and wanted to help Perri with his next date. That’s a good mate that!

Melody and Ferne were brought into the dating agency as Nadia and Eden wanted to send them on a double date! Well I mean I think it was the perfect idea to help both celebrities with their dates. Both girls got to choose who they wanted to date and they chose Frankie and Lee who they have already met before.

It got to the date and Melody’s date, Frankie turned up and they got chatting which left Ferne panicking about whether Lee was even going to show up. Time was passing by and Ferne was getting more and more nervous that she was going to get pied by Lee. But finally he showed up and stop her looking a mug.

Melody was extremely flirty during her date and you could tell she wanted to loosen up his buttons! Whilst Ferne was being her usual forward self and talking about her future with Lee. I absolutely LOVE Ferne I think she is absolutely hilarious, and I hope she finds the one soon.

Finally we saw Jorgie go on her date with James who’s she also had already met before. Jorgie is so sweet and loved all the compliments that Hames was giving her on the date! She was definitely up for a kiss when James leant in and they had a little snog sat at the bar. I think that Jorgie and James will definitely see each other again!

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