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David Weekender on Benidorm: “I AM KENNETH!!! ” LUGGAGE AND LOST HOMES

02 Mar David Weekender on Benidorm: “I AM KENNETH!!! ” LUGGAGE AND LOST HOMES

On last night’s new series of Benidorm we saw lost baggage and lost homes.

Poor Kenneth is completely skint and is living in the back room of his salon. Personally I think that I would be an amazing manager at that salon as me and Kenneth have quite a similar persona, but I would be a breath of fresh air. Unlike Kenneth by the sound of what Liam said!

Kenneth is absolutely hilarious and he even tried to sell his deceased uncles teeth to the local dentist. The dentist tried to rip Kenneth off by offering him a pittyful 50 euros, but Kenneth was having one of it and then found out some of the teeth were gold.

This resulted in Kenneth and Liam treating themselves on a night out with cocktails such fun!

Whilst on this night out we saw Sam the new Rep have a wild night with an older lady who violated Liam and also was flirting with one of the guests Joey who was young enough to be her great grandson!

Joyce who is the manager at Hotel Solana was buzzing as usual and threatening her guests with court cases and name calling her customers in her hotel reception! Honestly this was absolutely hilarious to watch…

Saving the best till last is the amazing Lesley who’s eye shadow was absolutely on point tonight may I just say. Lesley was the usual lovely character offering her best services to the guests and made me laugh throughout!

I hope you enjoyed this column and catch me on ITV2 on Sundays for the new series of Ibiza Weekender!