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David Attenborough, Bradley Walsh and Holly Willougby named UK’s dream neighbours

08 Jul David Attenborough, Bradley Walsh and Holly Willougby named UK’s dream neighbours

Britain’s dream neighbours have been revealed, with Sir David Attenborough topping the UK’s list of celebs they most want to live next door to.

The broadcaster and naturalist has claimed the title of the nation’s ‘Dream Neighbour’ ahead of a number of global stars from film, TV, music and sports, following a nationwide survey.

Commissioned by McCarthy Stone, the survey results showed that Brits are particular about who live next to them and are willing to shun Hollywood’s glitterati in favour of some homegrown talent.

Sir David’s selection as the UK’s no.1 ‘Dream Neighbour’ that they want to live next to comes as no surprise, with the 95-year-old taking eight per cent of the vote. Second place goes to another national treasure, Bradley Walsh, with the former Doctor Who star claiming five per cent, followed by Good Morning star Holly Willoughby (4.4%).

The other big names in the top five most in-demand dream neighbours include the cast of Friends and Hollywood actor Tom Hanks, both on 3.6 per cent, with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson on 3.5 per cent of the vote.

The UK’s Top 20 Dream Neighbours

Sir David Attenborough – 8%
Bradley Walsh – 5.2%
Holly Willoughby – 4.4%
Cast of Friends – 3.6%
Tom Hanks – 3.6%
Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson – 3.5%
Prince William and Kate Middleton – 2.6%
Rita Ora – 2.4%
Kim Kardashian – 2.4%
The Queen – 2.3%
Gino D’Acampo – 2.3%
Will Smith – 2.3%
Harry Styles – 2.3%
Gordon Ramsey – 2.3%
Marcus Rashford – 2.2%
Taylor Swift – 2.1%
Beyonce – 2%
Brad Pitt – 1.7%
Cristiano Ronaldo – 1.5%
Donald Trump – 1.5%

However, a famous name in the neighbourhood might not mean much difference to the community, with 44 per cent of Brits saying they haven’t been round to their neighbours’ house.

Celebs looking for a bit of privacy from their neighbours would best head to Bristol with 56 per cent of Bristolians admitting that they haven’t been round to their neighbours, followed by Brighton and Cardiff (both 55%).