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Covid testing increased to 7 days a week at London Southend Airport

11 Dec Covid testing increased to 7 days a week at London Southend Airport

Rising covid cases in the county has resulted in increased demand for testing. London Southend Airport continues work with Southend Borough Council to support ongoing COVID-19 testing which has been extended to 7 days a week from today.

After seeing a fall in cases from a high of 180.8 per 100,000 on Thursday 19 November, down to 115.8 by Sunday 29 November, cases have started to rise again, with the rate at 176.4 per 100,000 as of Wednesday 9 December¹.

The mobile facility at the airport has been extended to allow testing on all days due to rising covid cases within Essex. Anyone displaying covid symptoms, however mild, should apply for a test as soon as possible. The test is quick, and results are expected the following day; it is important to self-isolate until you receive your results.

Glyn Jones, CEO of London Southend Airport, “We are pleased to continue our commitment to providing the testing site at London Southend Airport, with Christmas on the horizon it is important to get tested if you have any symptoms. Government Christmas bubbles can only be effective if care is taken to prevent the virus spreading”.

Drive through bays are in place to reduce contact and ensure social distancing guidance is adhered to. Strict safety protocols are in place and Test and Trace applied for any positive test results.

To book a test, please visit: