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#COVAID Legends charity football match for Mask Our Heroes postponed

15 Dec #COVAID Legends charity football match for Mask Our Heroes postponed

MY CLUB GROUP has been forced to postpone the planned #COVAID Legends charity football match for Mask Our Heroes after the UK Government issued a statement on Monday, placing Tier 3 coronavirus restrictions upon London and much of Essex.

The game, which would have seen legendary football manager Harry Redknapp and Sam Allardyce go head-to-head in a star-studded celebrity football match to raise money for COVID-19 charity Mask Our Heroes, was scheduled to take place at Chelmsford City FC on Sunday, December 20.

However, Health Secretary Matt Hancock’s move to place London and parts of Essex into the highest level of virus restrictions means the organisers have had no option but to halt the event until the New Year.

A spokesman for My Club Group said: “It is disappointing for all involved, but safety remains a priority. That is what this whole event is about.

“This was a trial to show that clubs could provide a safe environment for fans to attend a sporting event and, importantly, for fans to be in a safe ‘bubble’.

“Whilst we would have utilised a virucidal, non-toxic solution, applied electrostatically by RN Bioservices Ltd to completely disinfect the stadium, including fans having a COVID-19 test before the event, many of the main players and officials would be unable to travel because of the restrictions placed on London, even if Chelmsford was spared these restrictions.

“Therefore, we have no option but to postpone until such restrictions are lifted.”

However, once the infections rates subside, organisers hope to roll out their model, designed to allow professional and grassroots sport to safely increase capacity at their grounds.

“We still wish to support the Mask Our Heroes charity and to that end, we will be contacting other clubs to host similar events in due course. The most important thing is fan and player safety, and while we are all disappointed, we are fully behind the Government’s stance.

“A lot of work has been done behind the scenes by our partners, and in particular by those at Chelmsford Football Club, and we do not wish that to go to waste. We hope to reschedule the #COVAID Legends match early in the New Year.

“Anyone who has already purchased tickets will be guaranteed equivalent tickets for the rescheduled match or given a full refund if preferred. We look forward to welcoming fans to a COVID-safe environment then.”

My Club ambassador, Sam Allardyce, added: “I was looking forward to pitting my wits against Harry again, but we all have to look out for each other and safety is vital. We all want more fans back in stadiums, but protecting the NHS is paramount, so postponing is the only sensible option. I look forward to managing the My Club team at #COVAID in the New Year and hope my team don’t get too out of shape over the Christmas period!”