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Conservative Party Chairman Brandon Lewis visits Thurrock

22 Oct Conservative Party Chairman Brandon Lewis visits Thurrock

Conservative Party Chairman Brandon Lewis made a visit to Thurrock and dropped by local builder’s HW Wilson to hear about the issues faced by local businesses.

Key concerns were the vandalism and detritus caused by anti-social behaviour and the challenge businesses are facing in finding skilled workers.

Thurrock MP Jackie Doyle-Price said, “I am pleased that Brandon is making it his business to hear the concerns of business. The Conservative Party is nothing if it is not the party that creates the wealth and the jobs that keep our country going. There is nothing we can do in Government without the taxes earned by the risk-takers who run their own businesses. Wilsons are also the most community spirited business I know, and I am grateful for the frank feedback from Peter Wiffen and his staff.

The growth in anti-social behaviour in South Ockendon has become a growing concern and it is clear it is shared by residents and businesses alike. We are all aware that something needs to be done.