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Columnist ZACK SMITH on all new TV show The Circle

20 Sep Columnist ZACK SMITH on all new TV show The Circle

by Zack Smith ||| Columnist

I’m absolutely loving this new show The Circle on channel 4 I think this is a huge wake up call for Reality TV as to what is fake and are people we talking to on social media everyday even real…

Who knows: Massive eye opener!

I love the concept of how people have made up their own profile but everyone should of just been real from the start…

Because I’m pretty sure that as soon as people find out your lying, they will 100% block you!

Freddie is my favourite to WIN as he is my close friend, I’m so proud of him just being himself and not being fake, he is such a funny person.

I’m glad Jennifer has been blocked as she’s so boring had nothing in common with anyone. Fake as anything. I predict Dan or Aiden to win for sure they are interesting characters, and both of them I think I would get on well with on the outside world.

P.S if I was in The Circle I would be myself – I would defiantly win 😝

Looking forward to seeing what else they have to offer for the rest of the series, I’m really surprised how good the show is as I never expected it to be this good!

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