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Chunky puss seeks a home this Christmas

04 Dec Chunky puss seeks a home this Christmas

The search is on to find a Norfolk family to make Christmas special for a big lad with a heart of gold.

Handsome Sammy has spent nearly five months in the care of Cats Protection, repeatedly missing out as other cats are successfully homed under the charity’s new contactless process.

This chunky chap tips the scales at a weighty six kilos, which is likely to have contributed to him being overlooked. But 13-year-old Sammy has the characterful face of an aristocat and a purr to warm any room and the charity is hoping that a kind soul will offer him a home in time for Christmas.

Sammy’s tale is a sorry one. He arrived at Cats Protection as a stray and then must have thought he had hit the jackpot when he was adopted by a caring family. Sadly, their circumstances changed not long after and Sammy didn’t adapt so well.

Faced with their new life and Sammy’s associated behavioural issues, the family made the difficult decision to say goodbye and returned him to the cat welfare centre.

Nearly five months later and Sammy is still looking for a home. While he has enjoyed the attention showered on him at the charity’s Dereham Adoption Centre and his behavioural issues have abated, he longs for someone to see his potential in time for Christmas.

Cat Care Assistant Bethany Smith said: “Sammy is a boy with a really great personality. He has shown us lots of affection while in Dereham. He loves to chat and purr his heart out and will paddy paw when we give him head rubs.

“Sammy is the kind of cat who wants you there for the company and comes when he wants some love and affection. One minute he could be sleeping and chilling, the next he is chasing a ball or a mouse around the pen. He’s very much still a kitten at heart.”

People shouldn’t be put off by Sammy’s larger size. With a light diet and vet advice, Sammy’s weight loss should be manageable so that he sits lighter on the scales. He is also on a special diet after an episode of cystitis, most likely due to the stress of being in care, but he does not have a previous history of urinary issues.

Cats Protection is looking for a quiet home without any other pets or young children so it is as stress free as possible and he can get all the attention. Sammy may take a little time to settle so nice slow steps would be the way to go. Sammy enjoyed going outside in his previous home so a semi-rural location would be ideal, allowing him to explore the turf.

To make Sammy’s Christmas, visit or contact the Dereham Adoption Centre at or 01362 687919.

Cats Protection’s work has continued throughout the COVID-19 crisis, thanks to the charity’s generous supporters. To donate to the Dereham Adoption Centre and support cats like Sammy, visit: