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Influenced by old school artists like Prince, Public Enemy and Rakim to current artists like J Cole, BoB and Bryce Vines, Christopher the Grey uses their mastery to create meaningful music.

Inheriting a love for music from his parents who also dabbled in song writing. With that creative gene, The Grey started writing and performing at an early age but stopped after the loss of his parent in his early twenties.

With maturity and life lessons, The Grey love for music only excelled in his heart and long for the good old days of rap when lyrics were spoke life and became anthems.

After an extended break, The Grey returned to music releasing two singles in2016 and performing at a few open mic events in various cites. Now, back with the release of his EP, Not So Common which features 5 songs. The lead off single being, I Am Sorry.

Listen to the single here:

KB: Thanks for coming through Christopher. First things first, how would you describe your sound?.

Thank you for the invite! My sound is a combination of various types music I am exposed to. I draw heavily from the hip-hop pioneers but at the same time my sound is influenced by many of the current artists….like BoB, Bryce Vine and Chance the Rapper to name a few.

KB: And of course you have a new song out, Sun Rise (Remix). Tell us about that and the process involved in creating it?

The song is a look into the mind of a guy that realizes he’s about to lose someone special. My process is a multi-step process. More times than not, I create music and park it for a while. Then I circle back through tracks I created, sit and listen to what the music tells me. Beyond that, I really don’t have a “let’s go write a song process.”

KB: What are some of the themes and concepts you included on this record?

My themes and concepts are rooted in real life events. That’s why you get an EP like Not So Common. Each of those songs speak to events that occurred in my life.

KB: The song has since garnered quite a good reception on . What has the reception to “Sun Rise (Remix)” been like on your end?

It’s been great! Seeing an uptick in fans on social media is great but what is really awesome is how my sound is embraced at live events for being different from what is current out.

KB: Any particular bands or artists you took inspiration from?

Sure! Prince is the biggest inspiration but there are others. I really like Bryce Vine and BoB.

KB: What are your hopes for the new single ‘Sun Rise’?

I hope this record introduces me to new fans around the world and let them see that music is living and breathing. It is not static!

KB: What can you tell us about your plans for the rest of 2019?

My plans are to continue working on new music, introducing my music to new fans and building momentum for 2020.

KB: What message do you have for your fans out there?..

I would like fans to keep listening and continue to grow with me. There is more to come!

You can keep in touch with Christopher The Grey on the below social networks.