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Chinese clinical delegation praises Colchester Hospital after visit

01 Jun Chinese clinical delegation praises Colchester Hospital after visit

A Chinese clinical delegation, keen on improving health care for elderly people in their country, visited Colchester Hospital on a fact-finding mission.

The group from the First People’s Hospital, based in Changzhou Jiangsu province, were given a tour of the hospital, visiting areas such as the frailty assessment base and the medical decision unit.

They learned how hospital staff work alongside social services at Essex County Council, enabling people to return to their own homes as quickly as possible after a hospital stay.

Chief physician for cardiothoracic surgery at the First People’s Hospital, Zhang Xiaoying said: “We are very happy as we have learned some things about elderly care in Colchester which is very meaningful for us.

“China is now facing a severe aging problem and that is one of the main problems for our government and the population, so we will be making recommendations in the light of some of the things we have learned from Colchester.

“Elderly care in Colchester is very good and we understand that we have a long way to go. Our plan is to build our primary care and community services over the next 10 to 20 years. We are looking for effective ways to do this and we will be taking ideas back from today.”