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Chelmsford Tea Time Secrets Have Been Revealed

19 May Chelmsford Tea Time Secrets Have Been Revealed

A new survey reveals that Chelmsford residents have no clue when it comes to tea etiquette – with traditional tea time traditions now a thing of the past.

In the UK, we are celebrated for our love of the humble cup of tea however, a new survey commissioned by SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity, has found that Chelmsford residents are no longer clued up on the skills needed to host a ‘proper’ tea party, driving etiquette experts stir-crazy!

According to the British etiquette authority Debrett’s, traditionally a cup of tea is made using tea leaves, a pot of hot water and a tea strainer.

However, when questioned on how to make the perfect cuppa, over two thirds of Chelmsford based survey respondents revealed that they have never made a cup of tea using tea leaves, only tea bags, with 3 per cent admitting they don’t even know what a tea strainer is.

In addition to this, the survey has also revealed that a whopping 93 per cent of Chelmsford residents haven’t even mastered the basics of how to stir their tea.

Adding to the unpolished nature of the local community’s teatime habits, 72 per cent of those surveyed admit to enjoying a good old biscuit dunk when sitting down with a cup of char, despite the fact that this is a real faux pas with the etiquette experts.

The survey was commissioned by SSAFA to mark the launch of their annual fundraising campaign, the Big Brew Up.

The campaign runs through June 2017 and encourages friends, colleagues, and family members to come together and host a tea party, in order to raise vital funds for members of our military community in need.

Order your fundraising pack at today or, text to donate £2 by texting #BREW17£2 to 70070