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Chelmsford Mum Overcomes Abusive Relationship and Brings Out Book to Help Other Mums Find Confidence

17 Jun Chelmsford Mum Overcomes Abusive Relationship and Brings Out Book to Help Other Mums Find Confidence

Kylie Carter from Chelmsford, Essex has penned a self-help book inspired and dedicated to her late mum, encouraging others to find their confidence and start their own companies.

In Finding Yourself: The Confident Mum’s Guide to Business, the 32-year-old mum of two, teaches her ten more impactful and successful lessons that will leave readers feeling confident and empowered, ready to start their own story of success.

The book also charts Kylie’s inspirational and emotional journey, including being devastated about her mum’s death when she was just 10, and the subsequent abusive relationship she found herself in at the age of 18.

Having isolated her from her friends and family, Kylie maintains that it was her young daughter who saved her life. It was only when Kylie realised the effect the physical attacks were having on her, that she summoned up the courage to leave and press charges. Her ex-partner, who she does not want to be named for safety reasons, was subsequently convicted for threats to kill.

Kylie spent years rebuilding her life, but soon found she had a gift for plaiting hair that led her to create her hugely successful business, KC Plaits. In 2018, she went on to win the Mobile Hairdresser of the Year category in the English Hair and Beauty Awards.

Now she is helping to teach other mums they can have their own interests outside of motherhood, so they do not lose their own identity.

Kylie Carter says, “Finding Yourself: The Confident Mum’s Guide to Business is about being able to unleash the power and freedom to create the life you have always wanted. As a mum, we’re often told we have to choose to be present or otherwise, but it really is possible to run your own business and still be there for your children. I’m proof that it works and have never been happier.”

In the book, Kylie teaches readers to embrace the essence of themselves and incorporate the lessons they have learnt in life to build an engaging, authentic, and aligned business that acts as a client magnet.

Kylie knows that confidence and self-belief is key to success alongside having a strategy in place. Having gone from being homeless, jobless and with a small baby, she has successfully turned her life around.

She adds, “More than anything I just want my daughter to grow up knowing that she can be a mum and still follow her dreams too. She doesn’t have to choose.”

Finding Yourself: The Confident Mum’s Guide to Business will be published on Thursday 24 June 2021 on what would have been Kylie’s late mum’s birthday. It will be available on Amazon UK on the following link: