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Chelmsford hosts Olympic style Superstars Festival for all Year 4 Students

17 Feb Chelmsford hosts Olympic style Superstars Festival for all Year 4 Students

Beaulieu, Chelmsford’s vibrant new district being developed by Countryside and L&Q, has united with the Chelmsford School Sport Partnership (CSSP) for the 5thyear running, to sponsor the Superstars Festival. The sports competition, which sees the participation of all Year 4 students in Chelmsford, was recently held at the Chelmsford Sport and Athletic Centre.

In total, six competitions took place over three dayswhich saw over 40 schools and 2000 Year 4 students compete in a variety of sporting events.

The winners have been announced, with the following schools being honoured the top three positions:

1st    Great Leighs Primary  

2nd  The Bishops C of E & R C Primary       

3rd  New Hall School    

Pledges and poems from the various schools kicked off the event in an Olympic style opening ceremony. The students competed across eight multi-skilled stations that included basketball, speed stacking, golf and the triple jump, along with other activities that tested agility, strength and coordination.

The scoring systems were based on children collecting points at each station. These were then added together and divided by the number of children each school had participating. By calculating an average, schools both large and small were able to compete on a level playing field.

The smooth running of the event was ensured as 142 secondary school students from Great Baddow High School, Chelmsford College, Sandon and St John Payne School, volunteered to act as organisers, monitors and judges.

In recognition of everyone’s participation, the childrenwent home with a Superstars sports bag, provided by Beaulieu (Countryside and L&Q).