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Chelmsford Film Festival returns for another year

01 Jun Chelmsford Film Festival returns for another year

Chelmsford Film Festival will next week return for another year!

The festival which is now in its second year will take place on Wednesday 6th June 2018 at the luxurious Everyman Cinema in Chelmsford.

For opening night, Chelmsford City’s Mayor Yvonne Spence is expected to welcome attendees.

Also on the night the festival will hand out their award for “Outstanding Contribution to British Cinema”. This year the award will go to acting legend, JULIAN GLOVER.

Julian is famous for his work in Game of Thrones, Indiana Jones and the last crusade, Star wars: The Empire strikes back, For Your Eyes Only (James Bond), Troy and many, many more great blockbuster movies.

Organisers have also promised an exclusive screening of the film “Cannibals and Carpet fitters”.