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A chat with Grays singer John Paul Elliott

21 Mar A chat with Grays singer John Paul Elliott

Fresh from releasing his debut album, local singer and songwriter John Paul Elliott is hoping to take his career to the next level, we reviewed some of his music and as he shared his music videos from his debut album dubbed “North to South” with us we also had a candid chat with him.

Speaking about his 10-track album the singer told us “The only difficulty in doing the debut album is funding. Studio time is not cheap.”

Having¬†been involved in music for 3 years. He started in and around Thurrock via Thanes Delta Music (open mics) then played Brentwood, Southend & in London, Elliot told us ¬†“It was the local music scene (and the people) that got me inspired to get up and play in public. Writing songs is always a thrill – that’s the real joy. Playing live is great – the bigger the venue or occasion the better. The Essex scene is very good in supporting live music”

All his music carries a special message with the music video for ‘Nothing But Love’ carrying an emotional message

Talking future plans, the sky seems to be the limit as the North to South hitmaker told “In the near future there is always constant gigs around the place and I’ll be doing a video for a live favourite of mine called High on Heels with Adam, Ben & Rob from Stuffed Fox Productions based in Brentwood.”

“I also start recording the 2nd album this Sunday with a producer from Song Circle Studios called Franc Cinell”