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Charity ball raises £15,000 for Colchester Hospital neo-natal unit

11 May Charity ball raises £15,000 for Colchester Hospital neo-natal unit

A heart-warming £15,000 has been raised to help Colchester Hospital buy a new incubator for babies in intensive care.

The neonatal unit received the cheque for £15,008 from members of the Colchester Twin and Triplet Club after they organised a charity ball at Stoke-by-Nayland Resort in March.

Emma Blowers, who spent time with her first daughter Isla (4) on the neonatal unit and saw triplets Amelie, Martha and Rosie (3) taken there immediately after their birth at Colchester Hospital, led the planning.

However, she was helped along the way by Sarah Shelton, Frances Brown, Anna Miller, paediatric physio Anna Walklett and Lucy Brown whose twins, Alexander and Henry (4), also spent time on the unit.

Neonatal practice development nurse Lindsey Harding-Payne said: “The unit so often leaves a life-long impression and we are still visited by parents whose babies spent time here and are now in their teens.