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Chanelle Sadie Paul on Love Island “IT’S FINALLY GETTING JUICY!”

28 Jun Chanelle Sadie Paul on Love Island “IT’S FINALLY GETTING JUICY!”

by Chanelle Sadie Paul | COLUMNIST

Aloha guys,

It’s Chanelle here, about to dish out my thoughts and opinions on this current season of Love Island!

Well, we are three and a half weeks in and let’s just say, IT’S FINALLY GETTING JUICY!! Oh my we’ve have some dramas over the last few days!

When the show started,I instantly fell in love with Dani, and my opinions haven’t changed on her. Dani is genuine and loyal, but will also still say it how it is! I did briefly question at one point if she was as into Jack as he was with her, but I think she’s just more innocent and prefers privacy and is probably more than aware that her Dad will be watching! I was gutted when Niall walked, and I’m sure we are still all dying to know the reasons why, as I actually found him hilarious! I was never fussed by Kendall, she’s an absolutely stunning girl, but I feel the villa wasn’t for her and she needed more time before searching for love with the whole nation watching! It’s funny how easy it is to actually forget about the characters once they have left the show!

So my love for Alex is still strong, I deffo have a soft spot for him, he’s tall, has a posh accent, and saves lives, what more is there to like!? But boy he’s having a bloody hard time, I think there’s so much pressure on him to find ‘the one’ that even he’s scaring off anyone that goes near him… I mean the boy’s had a foursome and bedded over 30 women, where is his game?? Samira’s another person I’ve enjoyed watching, especially when she’s in the beach hut, reliving the shenanigans of the day, she’s a good story teller, I’m pleased she’s finally coupled up with someone, although flirting really isn’t her strong point.

Onto Wes, or ‘Wanker Wes’ as I’ve seen thrown around twitter a fair few times, I mean damnnnnn, I was actually starting to like the geezer, and then boom, fast forward to week four and he’s breaking Laura’s heart! I feel for Laura, she’s 29, yeah Wes is 20 & she maybe should have known better, but also you can’t help who you fall for and I’m gutted that he’s jumped ship to the new title stealer, ‘Muggy Megan!’ I actually liked Megan with Eyal, and reason I liked them together was because I disliked them!! On the little airtime they received, I would actually get so bored watching them, I dunno what it was, and the fact they took three weeks to realise that they don’t actually talk, my gosh! So yeah it’s safe to say I was happy to see Eyal leave, although I wish he’d taken Megan with him! I mean I wasn’t too fussed to see Zara go also, again purely cause she was too quiet… And bless her thinking she’d found love with Adam! Did he follow her arse out… NO! So say goodbye to the love of you’re life now girl!

Eeeeeek I’m so excited for all the new Islanders to enter, it’s quite good timing with the mix up of all the couples now, so the rest of this week should be lots of fun! I’m rooting for Dani & Jack to win, however Georgia is deffo one of my faves, that girl has give us everything, jumping in the pool and getting down with the lads and having a laugh, to getting into the day bed with Rosie that night she was alone, (which I think literally touched every girls heart out there, that’s the kind of Wifey we all need) and then following Laura after the Wes fight, she’s beautiful and got bags of personality and she actually seems quite intellectual too, (I clocked that when she was talking about Europe with Hayley, but even I’d sound smart next to that girl, so I guess that weren’t too hard!) But yes Georgia is a babe and I hope Josh is genuinely smitten with her because she deserves happiness!

We all know anything can change (overnight apparently) in that villa so I will definitely be hooked until the very end, and if Alex comes out still single, someone send him my way please!

Lots of Love

Chanelle xo

‘Only In Chanelle’s World’

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