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Cash grants paid out to support local businesses

15 Apr Cash grants paid out to support local businesses

Harlow Council has so far given out £3,790,000 in grants to support 295 local businesses during the coronavirus crisis.

Last week the council contacted all 840 businesses in the town considered to be eligible for the government’s small business grant funding and the retail, hospitality and leisure grants. So far 295 businesses have responded. The small business grant funding is £10,000 per business with the cash grants for the retail, hospitality and leisure providing businesses with up to £25,000 per property.

The council has received £11m in government funding to support local businesses during the national coronavirus crisis.

Any business, which has not received a letter or an email and thinks it should be eligible for the government grant should check their eligibility at and

If a business thinks it fully meets the criteria set out by the government they should email detailing why they are eligible for a grant. The council will respond as soon as it can to these requests.

The latest information on support available to Harlow businesses can be found on the council’s website at