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Care worker from Essex says changing careers was the best decision she ever made

13 Sep Care worker from Essex says changing careers was the best decision she ever made

“To know you are making a difference to people’s lives whilst also enriching your own life, is the most rewarding thing.” Care worker from Essex says changing careers was the best decision she ever made.

As the UK emerges from the Covid-19 outbreak and embarks on a period of recovery, many are seizing the opportunity to embark on a new career.

The number of adult social care jobs are predicted to increase by 36% (580,000 jobs) nationally to around 2.20 million jobs by 2035. Essex County Council are today encouraging Essex residents to consider adult social care as a viable option.

Director of Adult Social Care, Nick Presmeg, said: “To start your career in adult social care, all you need is the right qualities, rather than specific qualifications. With on-the-job training and ongoing support, starting a career in care has never been easier. Nor has it been more accessible with a wealth of diverse and rewarding roles available.

Working with a range of people with different care needs means that no day is the same. It can also provide great ongoing career progression and job security. Why not make a difference to people’s lives, including your own, and apply today?”

Adult social care workers can be based in the community, in care homes, hospitals or people’s homes. Tasks can include: supporting people to participate in social activities in the community and helping with personal care, such as getting dressed or cooking meals.

All roles are designed to provide personal and practical support to help people live independently. Carers can support older people and those with mental or physical conditions. 

For 42-year-old Rachel Holloway, she regards it as the best decision she ever made. She looks forwards to every single shift, saying that each day is different, and that it really doesn’t feel like a job.

Rachel has worked as a Community Support Worker with ‘ENS Care & Support’ for the last 18 months. She supports those with learning difficulties, health issues, and the elderly – both in their own homes and in the community.

“To know you are making a difference to people’s lives, whilst also enriching my own, is the most rewarding thing. I’m proud of the work I do, and I feel appreciated, and that feeling is priceless.”

“If you’re considering a career in adult social, but you’re concerned that you don’t have the relevant qualifications, then please don’t let that put you off. You’ll get on the job training. You just need natural passion and an attitude for caring! Don’t stand on the edge of the diving board but jump right in!” 

Allyson Abel, Managing Director of ‘ENS Care & Support’ agrees with this sentiment:

“Working in the care sector is incredibly rewarding. In fact, like Rachel, many of our staff enjoy it so much they say they forget they are even at work! We have a comprehensive training and mentoring programme to support people with no previous care experience who are eager to explore a career in care. We also offer care staff a pathway to progress their careers through continuing training and development. Now has never been a better time for people to take their first steps into working in Care.”

If you are considering changing careers or want to explore a new career in social care then visit the Every Day is Different website: