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Car crash kitten survives horrific injuries to charm a Norfolk cat centre

16 Sep Car crash kitten survives horrific injuries to charm a Norfolk cat centre

Car crash kitten Augustus suffered life changing injuries after being hit on a busy Norfolk road.

The three-month-old kitten was left with a fractured jaw and broken tail after being accidentally struck near Bressingham. The distraught driver scooped up the little mite and rushed him to a nearby veterinary clinic for emergency care.

Vets wired his jaw and removed part of his tail. His damaged front leg was dangling and useless and had to be amputated days later.

After the initial operations, Augustus was transferred to Cats Protection’s Downham Market Adoption Centre, where carers have been impressed by this bold boy’s recovery from injuries that would have felled lesser cats.

Lindsay Tempest, Centre Manager, has been caring for Augustus since she took him home to deliver the round-the-clock care.

She said: “He’s such a sweetheart. He came home with me the first night as I didn’t want him on his own overnight and it’s easy to fall for his charms. After all he’s been through in his short life, he’s a spirited little thing. There’s never a dull moment with Augustus.

“He likes to chat to you and makes his feelings very clear then he thinks we should be giving him more meat and less medicine. He can be quite pushy when he wants a head scratch or more play, but cuddling is still a bit too much so we treat him tenderly.”

Augustus will remain in care until he is ready to be homed by Cats Protection. Three-legged cats can live a good life and this kitten’s young age will help him adjust quickly and well.

Donations towards the £1,500 cost of his care are invited at:

Any funds raised beyond the target will be used to help other cats in care in Norfolk.