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Car Buying Platform YesAuto Launches Ultimate Online Car Destination and Community in the UK

24 Aug Car Buying Platform YesAuto Launches Ultimate Online Car Destination and Community in the UK

Car buying platform YesAuto is set to shake up the UK car market by introducing a whole new way to search and buy cars. A one stop, online shop and car information hub that supports customers through every stage of the car buying journey, YesAuto’s ambition is to make car buying more enjoyable and easier than ever by connecting buyers with respective dealers through the YesAuto car community.

With YesAuto, customers are in the driving seat when it comes to selecting and choosing the right car for them offering everything a prospective car buyer needs in one place. The site uses clever tools, innovative technology, abundant user and professional contents to help find the car that suits their specific needs, and a customer rating system allows people to see what other drivers think by scoring cars based on what matters to real drivers out on the roads today. From Virtual Reality 360 panoramic view technology to test drive booking functions, YesAuto allows users to see VR interior and exterior views of the car they are interested in purchasing, from their laptop, iPad or mobile device.

YesAuto’s huge range of car models, both new and used means the site has a car to suit everyone, whatever their need, budget, or car knowledge.



The YesAuto platform has taken all the traditional elements of buying a car; from going to have a look at it, to doing research into competitors, and used technology to bring these to life on the site. The platform’s behavioural led algorithms crossmatch customers and their requirements with the huge range of cars and dealers available to give tailored recommendations. The platform technology is designed to help all customers, from those who can use the technology to simplify their car search to people with a car passion who can make use of it immerse themselves in car specifications and includes;

  • The 360 Car View Tool which uses Virtual Reality technology to allow users to take a look at every inch of a car, from interior to exterior. With highlighted points that users can click to see from the bumper to the steer wheel, passenger seats to lights and back row, the VR 360 panoramic tool gives users easy access to every inch of the car, without leaving the sofa
  • The Build Your Own function which gives car buyers the opportunity to configure the ideal car tailored completely to their specific needs, from body and wheels to interior and seats. YesAuto then gives users an estimated price and sends the selection to some of their dealers to get users great offers
  • Comparison Tool which lets individuals do side by side comparisons of any car selected so they can quickly see what is right for them    




YesAuto aims to be not only a destination for connecting buyers to dealers, but also for people to research, read about and even see in action, a huge range of different vehicles. Building a car community for everyone, whether they are simply looking for straightforward advice for purchasing a car, to helping motor superfans find out all about their favourite car brands latest news. Key features that form part of this community and car information hub include:

  • User reviews that allow people to look at honest reviews from other users with ratings for everything from comfort, through to fuel consumption and value for money. Designed with total transparency, the reviews don’t bamboozle people with complex language or car-specific terminology and instead focus on telling users about the car features that will matter most to them.
  • Expert guidance sourced from specialists across the automotive sector who offer unbiased advice and information with written reviews helping give a complete understanding of different vehicles, and video features showing the cars in action. The expert guidance are perfect for petrolheads who want to hear from people as passionate about cars as they are, as well as being a reassuring voice for individuals who need help navigating the car market
  • A news section to give customers the latest updates on the car world, from the latest car launches, to advice on how to navigate new legislation it has something for everyone

YesAuto is live now for customers in the UK today with cars including Fiats to BMWs and Maserati’s or Aston Martins, and cars including hatchbacks, saloons or SUVs, YesAuto is the ultimate companion to car buying. From a first time buyer looking for a cost effective run-around to a family looking for a reliable car to help with the day-to-day family needs or someone looking for the car of the dreams for weekend drives around the country, YesAuto is here to help you easily find the car you need in the most enjoyable and user friendly way possible.

Commenting on the launch, YesAuto’s General Manager Neil You said; “We’re delighted to be launching here in the UK. We know buying a car is a significant investment for many people and that purchasing a car has often been a long and exhausting process. We want everyone to feel excited about every stage of selecting and buying a car, with our site having everything people need in one place to make the right car choice for them. Through the site, we are making car buying as simple as possible whilst also giving discerning customers access to the widest range of vehicles so they can browse and buy from wherever they are, safe in the knowledge they are getting a great car, at the right price.”


Celebrating its launch, YesAuto is delighted to announce its Virtual Car Show will be taking place from 28th August for a month. Free to the public, this unique event is designed to help invigorate the car market with the first UK designed-for-online car show. Offering car buyers and car fans an innovative  way to browse and buy cars from leading brands, it  will help connect car dealers with buyers within the current climate, with all the elements of a car show brought to life through VR technology, and allow visitors to easily get access of dealers offering in real time . More details for the Car Show will be shared in due course.