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A Candid Chat With Musical Duo RYT

15 Jun A Candid Chat With Musical Duo RYT

by Tasha Turner

Tania, 24 from Suffolk, and Ryan, 30 from Manchester met at the end of last year, and now both live down the road from each other in Richmond.

They formed the duo RYT and started writing and performing together in January, after years of working on their own solo projects.

We had a chat with them.

1. How long has the duo been going and how did you meet?

Both – So, we actually met 8 months ago on Bumble, the dating app! (shame!) … And decided to get together for another date, which ended up with both of us singing at an open mic night in London! Since then, we’ve not looked back, and have written our first EP together, and gigged more than we ever have done!

2. What are the challenges of singing as a duo ?

Ryan – I’d say we both write in very different ways as musicians, so it has been an adventure adapting to each others styles, but one we’ve both loved, and learnt a lot from. I guess it’s also pretty tricky finding time where we’re both free to get in the studio to write and record, but when we do, we always seem to get things done super quick!

Tania – Yeah, we’ve definitely learnt a lot since working together which has been nice, Ryan is very mathematical when it comes to writing, and I’m more free flowing, which can bug us both at times (haha) but we’re pretty good at compromising now!

3. You are doing some work to support Rob Knox Foundation – can you tell us more?

Tania – we are indeed, Colin Knox (Rob’s father) got in touch with me around 8 years ago now, shortly after he lost his son to knife crime, he found me on YouTube and asked me to write a song in his son’s memory. He then sent me a poem which he’d written about his son after he’d passed away, for me to then turn into a song.

I was very young at the time so didn’t really have the experience or knowledge to do a job I’d be happy enough to give him, so I left it and left it, and over the years have kept in close contact with Colin, and decided it was time to put this song together for him now myself & Ryan are a duo, because the way we write together, is so emotive, and I felt the words I’d chosen from Colin’s poem to turn into a song, could really come across perfectly with how Ryan produces our songs. So we gave it a go, sent the demo across to Colin, and he luckily loved it!

Since then we’ve performed it at a number of events, and released it on iTunes and all other music platforms, to raise money for the foundation.

4. What can we expect from your upcoming EP?

Tania – we’ve still got to narrow it down to our favourite 4 songs, but it should be released over the next month or so, with a very piano/acoustic/chilled/emotive vibe to it, we’ve written all of these songs over the last few months, and have found it’s been so nice working with someone you care so deeply about, and adapting to each others musical styles and tastes, being able to blend our sounds together,.We’ve already had a lot of interest in the EP, which is amazing, so we’re excited to get it released and get gigging and performing to the lovely people who are on our journey with us!