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British wildlife sculptor Stephen Henderson to open Winter Exhibition in Essex

25 Oct British wildlife sculptor Stephen Henderson to open Winter Exhibition in Essex

Highly recommended for any art, nature or animal lovers this is a unique chance to admire and purchase the beautiful depictions of wildlife of this talented local sculptor.

The show will offer a glimpse into this fascinating artist’s way of living and working in harmony with the natural surroundings of the Walton Backwaters in this hidden part of the Essex landscape. The Winter Studio Show hosted by the artist, at his workshop and residence opens on Friday 26th November and runs until Sunday 5th of December.

Visits to the exhibition are by appointment only, available for anyone to book by contacting Stephen directly via his website. Be assured that when you arrive you will receive a warm welcome, the woodburner will be lit, and a private tour of the show will await.

For those who cannot make a trip to the physical show, Stephen will also hold the exhibition online, launching on the same day of the physical exhibition via his website.

All the sculptures in the exhibition will be available to browse and purchase online from 26th November to the 5th December 2021.
The online show is a new addition to this annual affair. Last year, like many of us, Stephen was forced to pivot his approach to exhibiting and decided to hold the show online and by appointment only due to the pandemic. The Winter Studio Show 2020 proved to be one of his most successful studio shows to date. Enthused by this hybrid approach he is repeating the process this year to give access to his work online as well as the physical show.

Tucked away in a picturesque part of the Essex coast, close to the Hamford Water National Nature Reserve, the artist Stephen Henderson works away in his estuarine studio as
close to his subjects as it is possible to be. Since his teen years Stephen has been
carving wooden sculptures of the wildlife that surround his home in the salt marshes. Thanks to his dedication and exceptional skill he has also carved out a successful career for himself. Stephen’s work is bought by private collectors across the UK and overseas.

Stephen sculpts intricate carvings of wildlife, of subjects including birds like Oystercatchers, Whimbrel, and Woodpeckers and fish species such as Grouper, Sea Bass and Whales. When he is not carving in his studio, he is out on the marshes with his binoculars watching the changes in the wildlife and the seasons and looking for characteristics and behaviors which will later bring his delicate carvings of this observed wildlife. Stephen also salvages driftwood which features as the bases or the backgrounds to his characterful work, giving the artworks an element of the actual landscape as well as a representation of its inhabitants.