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British K-pop star and TV personality Oli London gets dance lessons from K-pop Idol Group

04 Oct British K-pop star and TV personality Oli London gets dance lessons from K-pop Idol Group

British man Oli London, who made world headlines last year on Barcroft TVs ‘Hooked on the Look’ after confessing he spent $100,000 on plastic surgery to look like BTS star Jimin has undertaken a dance choreography lesson with K-pop boy band N.tic.

The K-pop boy group, N.tic (New Trend Icon) are currently undergoing their first European ‘Fiction’ tour where they have so far performed in Czech Republic, France Germany, Morocco, Norway and the UK.

The 5 member boy group, debuted in 2018 under Yechan Media and consists of Jion, Sangwook, Dowon, Seunhhoo and Jinseo.

After debuting in February 2018 with their hit single ‘Once Again’ the group went on to perform on numerous Korean music shows including M Countdown, Pops in Seoul and Simply K-Pop.

While on their European Fiction tour recently they stopped off in London to perform a concert and fan meet as well as a dance workshop for all their UK fans.

During their dance workshop they taught the Fiction choreography to none other than British K-pop artist and BTS Jimin mega fan Oli London.

The K-pop super fan recently went even further with his K-Pop obsession by appearing on Barcroft TV again after undergoing 5 plastic surgery procedures in one day in Korea and after releasing his own K-pop music. Oli London has released two K-pop singles ‘Perfection’ and more recently ‘Butterfly’ which peaked at number 8 on the iTunes KPop charts.

He appears in a cute selfie taken with Jion, the N.tic lead singer and also appears in a group photograph with the K-pop boy group during his dance choreography lesson.

Oli is rumoured to be preparing to release several new K-Pop songs after the tremendous success of Perfection and Butterfly.