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British Film Mogul Jonathan Sothcott wins prestigious CEO Monthly Award

07 Aug British Film Mogul Jonathan Sothcott wins prestigious CEO Monthly Award

Jonathan Sothcott, the prolific producer of such films as Vendetta and We Still Kill The Old Way, has been awarded CEO Monthly Magazine’s ‘most innovative film production CEO Global CEO Excellence Awards 2018’ award it was announced yesterday.

EssexPower100 inductee Sothcott took to Twitter yesterday telling his his 18,000 strong followers:

38 year old Londoner Sothcott is the UK’s premiere producer of straight to video films, with his output selling well over 1 million DVDs and becoming staples of late night, post-pub television. Initially a film journalist, he was running a TV channel at the age of 24 he became a film producer at age 27 and has worked with a galaxy of stars over the years including Mark Hamill, Ray Winstone, Sir Roger Moore, Jason Statham, Richard E Grant, Charlie Cox and Peter Capaldi. In addition to making films he has produced factual shows such as Danny Dyer’s Football Foul Ups, co-written a book about frequent collaborator Danny Dyer (described by The Telegraph as “strangely delightful”) and appeared on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories talking about his close friend Martin Kemp.

Sothcott, despite appearing more Savile Row than Stepney Green, has become best known for his low budget British gangster films, amongst them the White Collar Hooligan series, The Fall of the Essex Boys, Bonded By Blood 2, Top Dog and the forthcoming The Krays – Dead Man Walking, which is released in September. He cites Guy Richie and Matthew Vaughn as influences and admits that while the gangster genre isn’t necessarily his favourite, its unwise to run away from success.

In August his first American movie, the kirlian photography shocker Aura, is released in the US by Sony. He hopes that this will usher in a new age of what he calls high concept ‘Hereford Horror’ and has already shot a second film, Pentagram, with 2 more lined up.