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“Britain’s Most Extraordinary Home” Celebrates 30-Year Anniversary 1990-2020

07 Oct “Britain’s Most Extraordinary Home” Celebrates 30-Year Anniversary 1990-2020

Once an ordinary house in an ordinary street, over the past quarter-century Talliston House & Gardens has been transformed into a wonderland of unique and inspirational locations.

Started on 6th October 1990, the project stands testament to how one man who couldn’t wire a plug created created a living, breathing testament to the power of following one’s dreams.

In celebration, Talliston announced the following:

#1 Launch of The Talliston Fellowship

For thirty years, this unique and extraordinary project has been funded by ordinary people on a journey to achieve the impossible. The culmination of half a century of design, sourcing and rebuilding, the next step is to create of a community of like-minded people to support the house & gardens – and ensure Talliston a timeless, prosperous and sustainable future. The Talliston Fellowship has been set up to take Talliston’s most precious resource – its people – and build a better ‘now’ for everyone.

By joining the fellowship, members’ on-going support will:
– create the time and money to secure the future of the house and gardens forever
– provide an open and accessible venue for anyone who wishes to escape the modern world into one of
wonder and imagination
– fund a permanent community space for writers, artists and craftspeople
– support the creation of The Talliston Grimoire: The Magical Guidebook To Britain’s Most Extraordinary Home –
both book and online course
– support the plans and structure for the next extraordinary project: Ringthorne Woods & Village

#2 The Golden Key To Talliston annual prize draw winner

Every year this grand draw awards the fabled Golden Key to Talliston to one fortunate child and their guardian.
The prize: a private and exclusive holiday inside the magical house and gardens featured in this book.

John Low, 12, Kent

#3 The 30th Anniversary Raffle

To celebrate, the house & gardens have announced a grand raffle with more than 1,000 in prizes including a top
prize of a two night stay at the house with dinner and private tour.