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Brentwood Centre personal trainer achieves success at top-level fitness competition

04 Jun Brentwood Centre personal trainer achieves success at top-level fitness competition

The Brentwood Centre has this week announced that one of the regular staff in their gym, Nathan Barnes, was awarded the runner’s up prize at the recent United Kingdom Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation English Grand Prix, coming second to a two-times British Champion.  Part of the prize is that Nathan is entitled to take part in an international show in Barcelona.

Personal trainer Nathan spent nearly four months preparing for the event, training his mind and body and following a strict diet. In a recent interview, he described how the intensity of the training and the dietary restrictions to cut body fat drastically can leave him exhausted.

‘It is so tiring that some days I did not even want to walk across the room,’ said Nathan. ‘I can get a bit grumpy – just ask my wife! The last four to five weeks is very tough, it is difficult to describe how badly the lack of calories affects your mental state.’

Alongside his training, Nathan works from early morning into the evening, supporting his own clients to get fitter, through exercise and dietary advice.

‘Everyone mocks me for that,’ added Nathan, ‘even the kids.’ (Aged 4 and 2) ‘It is required so that under the stage lights the definition of the muscles show through. And yes, in my category, we do wear trunks that might make Tom Daley blush!’

As runner-up, Nathan is entitled to compete in further competitions, but with business and a young family to consider, it does put a lot of pressure on him. The main competition, The Arnold Classic in Barcelona in September 2018 seems a long time away but already Nathan is planning his training. ‘One key thing is the cost of this competition so yes, I am looking for a generous sponsor.