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Bradley Hunt Has His Say on Big Brother Launch Night

06 Jun Bradley Hunt Has His Say on Big Brother Launch Night


With all the rumours left, right and centre about me entering the Big Brother House I decided I should write my verdict on the line-up. Firstly, I have to mention the house looking absolutely dreamy especially the beauty parlour and that fountain in the garden. On the other hand, the diary room chair looks like my nans sofa that I was sick on being dumped in the backdrop of Emmerdale farm. URGH! Secondly, I do have to mention how STUNNING Emma Willis looked as ever and how she manages to be so excited over a twist that really … isn’t that exciting. Four candidates (we really can’t judge in those few seconds) of them slurring shit from their mouths about why they should enter? HOWEVER one candidate SUE, she appeared to be FIERCE and great entertainment.

The public of course chose the arrogant party boy Tom … already covered that part have we not? It is a great mixture of all walks of life so this series is going to get FULLY HEATED!
Arthur: Wealthy, weird and clueless. Each female housemate that walked down those stairs entering the house his eyes were like he’d never seen anything like it. I’m thinking he needs to get out more because girls like that are everywhere. They aren’t original. Basic. He will 100% walk because Big Brother is a show that will control anybody no matter how powerful you think you are. The beauty of this show is everyone is equal. Nobody gets special treatment. Unless of course it’s a task!

Chanelle: Very clever VT playing the animal lover. Half of that makeup plastered on her face would of more than likely been tested on animals but OK. She calls herself a model… unless she’s on the front cover of Farm Yard weekly then Christ knows what for! She’s acting all bubbly and wild but give it to day 3 she will be in her dressing gown moping around dull as hell. I predict lazy and messy.

Mandy & Charlotte: Last night I did tweet saying I had nothing to say on them. However, thinking about it I think it’s because I do like them! Charlotte seems very strong minded and the mother completely down to earth and open about wanting a man. These two will be honest however I think they will clash between each other.

Deborah & Hannah: A force not to MESS with! An amazing entrance in united joint outfits. Double the power. A few dodgy looks towards other housemates on the launch night already indicates it won’t be long until they speak up. One of them has OCD for cleaning, GOOD LUCK. The house always looks disgracefully filthy especially the bedroom. I say put Kim Woodburn back in again.

Kieran & Rebecca: These two know exactly what they are doing. They have clearly planned storylines. Will they sleep together again, won’t they? Headline? YES. Do we actually care? NO. Rebecca seems to have a bit of class about her so I hope she shows that side. So far, haven’t seen it.

Lotan: Six-pack. Arrogant. He tells us his male part is insured for 12 million. Other than that, did you even tell us anything else about you? Is that as far as it goes. I thought he would be one to sit on the fence and be a people pleaser but I changed my mind when he asked Sukhvinder “Can I call you Suk?” and she shut him down in seconds. He’s going to be up for eviction very soon for people rude as fuck.

Sukhvinder and Imran: Bringing back morals, manners and real people to the TV world. They showcase a true love story and how love always wins. With what’s going in in the world at the moment, uneducated Brits who are slating different religions and cultures. These two are iconic in showcasing themselves and their beliefs.

Kayleigh: Ex On The Beach, she knows what she’s doing. A bit ditsy, I think that’s genuine. She looks good but I think she will be playing it safe to begin with. She will blend blend blend like a mixer.

Ellie: She has been on TV before however I think there’s no act. She appears to be the more sincere and genuine version of Chanelle. I think she is going to be the peace maker, the one that never argues and the nation will fall for her.

Joe: He thinks he’s Mick Carter but more like the Stonehenge. By the looks of him he is a smoker & my bet is if he isn’t allowed a cigarette enough times a day he will kick the fuck off. He will be moody in the mornings and want to go bed early at night. Major arguments and shouting from this one guaranteed to be up for eviction very soon!

Raph: Booed the most while entering for some odd reason. He said nothing out of line! He is a huge fan of big brother so he thinks that’s an advantage. It’s not. He will be paranoid at every second and will eat him alive. The house will turn on him if he plays a game this one is going to be caught out! He will walk or be evicted early days. I hope not though, he seems legit.

Tom: Just OUT now please. You look like Lotan’s cramp twin and even he’s not that hot. Kieran, Lotan and Tom. Please try and differentiate yourselves from each other or we will all be confused.

These are purely judged on what I’ve seen so far. Its human instinct to judge someone immediately. Some are heightened for your entertainment so don’t come crying to me please!


Bradley H