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Billericay Town FC have 1/10 odds to win division outright

08 Jun Billericay Town FC have 1/10 odds to win division outright

by Robert Wyndham

Billericay Town FC are set to have a cracking season coming up as they debut in the Isthmian League Premier Division, the local side who have boosted their squad with several new signings have now been giving 1/10 odds by William Hill Betting to win the league outright.

A local football fan tweeted William Hill saying “@WillHillHelp What odds on Billericay Town to win the Isthmian Premier Division outright?”

To which William Hill replied “This is 1/10”.

These odds would mean if you place a bet at 1/10 (1 for 10) then this simply means that for every £10 staked you will receive £1 plus your stake back, these are very low odds meaning that the possibility of the bet becoming a reality are very strong. 

The club’s owner and manager Glenn Tamplin weighed in on the saga tweeting “Are BTFC creating history has any team at any level been 1/10 to win the league ever ?????”

The local side who recently announced signings of Louie Theophanous, Danny Waldren, Dan Walker, Robbie Evans, Ricky Modest and Josh McLeod-Urquhart where referred to by Echo newspaper as “The best non-league team on the planet”