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#BIGBIGBIGBIGGuns: Billericay Town FC have done it again

28 May #BIGBIGBIGBIGGuns: Billericay Town FC have done it again

by Dan Bryans

We already told you that the only way in terms of football in Essex is Billericay Town FC so we were not surprised that the local side have done it again!

Making the most the blissful bank holiday weekend, the local non-league side announced EIGHT big signings to mark the start to what will only be a remarkable season for them as the ambitious squad look to win by record points.

The Blues announced that former West Ham United coach Ian Hendon had come onboard as the new Director of Football, whilst Neil ‘Goliath’ Grove also joins the Blues ship.

Talking after the announcement of the signings millionaire owner Glenn Tamplin told us “I am delivering what I promised to the Billericay community, the best is yet to come for our young squad”

The signings which include Louie Theophanous, Danny Waldren, Dan Walker, Robbie Evans, Ricky Modest and Josh McLeod-Urquhart are set to make the Ryman League side competitive.

One thing for sure 2017 is going to be a remarkable one for Billericay Town FC and we will be watching.

Images by Nicky Hayes/BTFC