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Being an Instagram Influencer at 18 – the Jon Delgado Story

28 Apr Being an Instagram Influencer at 18 – the Jon Delgado Story

We live in a world where pretty much everyone dreams of making it big on Instagram, but few actually have what it takes and manage to break the thousand follower mark. If you look at your friends’ accounts on Instagram, you’ll see it’s not necessarily about looks or about posting never-before-seen content. Sure, both of those things help, but what you need to truly turn from a mere account into a proper IG influencer is an entrepreneurial eye.

However, when you’ve got that, it’s all a matter of persistence before you hit your first million followers. And that’s exactly what happened to Jon Delgado, an 18-year old Spaniard from Pamplona. Delgado started out young and determined, knowing from the young are of 12 that he wanted to take the Internet by storm.

Now, that in itself is nothing out of the ordinary. But young Delgado applied himself to building his online presence and garnered much appreciation and fame with his initial account, @infanciaexterminada, which reached an impressive height of 1.3 million followers before being disabled.

Not one to be beaten by the odds, Jon Delgado figured he was young enough to start again and turned his attention to his personal account – he began uploading the same witty, humorous content, but with a more personal touch.

His new account, going by the IG handle @jondlgado, promises to be even better than his last. Although the account itself has been in existence for a couple years already, Delgado only began using it regularly recently. Bearing in mind that his main focus used to his other account, it’s pretty impressive to note that @jondlgado also managed to reach close to 10,000 followers. And keep in mind that he’s only posted a few times on this account.

But what has drawn so many people and driven them to follow this young Spaniard? Was it his good looks? The head of thick, blonde hair? Yes, but not only that, because Delgado doesn’t focus on his appearance, but rather on content. Each photo gives the appearance of carelessness but is in fact perfectly shot – the lighting, orientation, and subject all combine flawlessly to create memorable, compelling content.

Coupled with his pensive yet often funny captions, it’s no wonder his photos attract so much attention.

Walking the fine line between lighthearted fun and grave thoughtfulness, this young entrepreneur wants to build something more with his new account. He wants to not only reach but beat his previous follower count. And how does he plan to do this?

By creating more awesome content, of course! When you sit down and talk to him, Delgado comes across as very down-to-earth and insists one of his main points of focus with his @jondlgado account will be offering advice based on the crazy ride his life has been so far.

In other words, Delgado is just another young man trying to find some semblance of meaning in this life, while continuing to see the funny side of things. And he’s got the determination and drive to make it as an Instagram influencer.