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Basildon sportsman granted £159

19 Dec Basildon sportsman granted £159

A Basildon sportsman has been awarding funding from the Sport and Physical Activity Development Grant.

Lewis Fenech, of Pitsea, has been granted £159.80 after putting in an application for a grant which was approved by the council.

The grant is to help fund his winter beach volleyball training which is twice a week and is coached by ex-England athlete Jack Sheaf at Crystal Palace.

Each year the council has £10,000 in the Sport and Physical Activity Development Grant budget to award to either individuals or organisations, groups or clubs to support the development of sport or physical activity within the borough.

Individuals can apply for up to £500 and organisations, groups or clubs can apply for up to £1000 towards things like events, pilot projects, workshops, tuition or training and specialist equipment or materials.

Chairman of Basildon’s Neighbourhood and Public Spaces Committee, Councillor David Harrison said: “The aim of the Sport and Physical Activity Development Grant is to enhance the quality of life for the residents of the Borough, by providing a range of sports and events for people all over the borough to attend, this in turn creates social cohesion within communities.

“I’m happy for the young man that has been awarded this grant and I’m sure it will really benefit him and his goals for the future.

“People with aspirations in sport or physical activity should apply to get a grant, you never know you could be the next Lewis.

“It not only helps you in your individual sports but it also fosters local pride.”