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Basildon resident fined for flytipping tyres and bags of waste

30 Oct Basildon resident fined for flytipping tyres and bags of waste

A Basildon man has been found guilty of flytipping tyres and building debris within the Borough.

Michael Payne,44, of Pitseaville Grove, Basildon appeared at Basildon Magistrates Court on 17 October 2019, after being summoned to the magistrates for being paid to take away waste he then flytipped on 37 Swanstead, Basildon, on 21 December 2018.

He pleaded guilty to the offence and was sentenced to a fine of £200 for being reckless, ordered to pay costs of £150 and £30 victim surcharge, all amounting to £380.

Chairman of Basildon Council’s Neighbourhoods and Public Spaces Committee Councillor David Harrison, said: “The Council take flytipping very seriously, whether the resident does it themselves or asks another party to do it for them. Either way, it doesn’t do the environment any good and is potentially hazardous. It makes Basildon less clean and safe for residents.

“This shows that when we issue warnings about flytipping, we ensure that we follow through with the penalties that come with the offence. Most people do the right thing with their waste, and we encourage people to make sure their waste is handled properly and not flytipped.

“We removed more than 3,600 flytips last year with more than 80% of that coming from household waste. It’s time we brought these levels down. Cases like this show that there are consequences that cost.”