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Basildon police officer gains praise for going the extra mile

24 Feb Basildon police officer gains praise for going the extra mile

A Police Constable who works as a part of Basildon’s Community Policing Team became subject of countywide praise last night after he went the extra mile by saving and elderly lady.

PC Marek Jaworski candidly tweeted “Just give very dear elderly lady a lift home as she was struggling in high wind and in danger of being knocked over. Had a nice chat 🚔👏” 

His actions of pure dedication and commitment to serving the community came after Britain was bartered by Storm Doris which was yesterday declared a “weather bomb” after winds reached nearly 90mph on Thursday.

This led to Flights being cancelled and commuters left facing major disruption after Doris hit the UK this morning. Doris has also claimed fatalities with a woman in Wolverhampton being hit by debris.

Pictured: On the left PC Marek

Detective Superintendent Kevin Baldwin joined scores of Twitter users who came together to support PC Marek as he tweeted “There are things our officers do that are not measured in any statistic. Thanks @PcMarekJaworski”

PC Marek’s heroic actions also came at a time where some homes in Essex had to be evaluated yesterday, Essex Police said 64 homes are being evacuated over concerns “a building is structural unsafe” in Colchester.