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Basildon man wins £100 gift voucher

12 Nov Basildon man wins £100 gift voucher

A Basildon resident has won a £100 gift voucher after completing a Basildon Council survey asking people what they think of the place in which they live.

Brian Hurley, 74, from Pitsea was selected at random.

The survey is a part of a bigger listening exercise, called Our Place, where we spoke to thousands of people to find out more about what the people of Basildon like most about where they live, what they would like to see improved and how they see the future.

Brian Hurley, a former Environmental Scientist, said: “I love Basildon for its greenery and the services are excellent.

“There are odds and sods but it’s getting better. Any time that I’ve phoned up, within 24 to 48 hours it’s dealt with, they’re quick and efficient. Overall it’s a marvellous council.”

The responses from the survey are used to help develop strategies that can eventually promote civic pride, encourage people to live and work in the borough and attract new businesses.

Cllr Aidan McGurran, Basildon Council’s Chairman of the External Affairs, Partnerships and Liaison Committee, said: “The contribution of ideas and comments from Basildon residents are very important to us.

“I’m glad that locals like Brian are really happy with our services but I’m also open to hear ideas and suggestions from the public.

“This also shows how taking part in events, surveys and activities in the community can be very rewarding.”