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Basildon Council taking action to reduce air pollution

22 Jan Basildon Council taking action to reduce air pollution

Basildon Council is taking proactive steps to tackle air pollution along the A127.

The council has received a grant of £50,000 towards a joint study being carried out with Rochford District Council into how to reduce roadside levels of Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx). Additional funding is currently being sought.

A list of options will be drawn up and presented to the Regeneration and Environment Committee before the end of the year. All local authorities with the potential to breach roadside limits are being asked to consider whether to introduce a ‘Charging Clean Air Zone’ to discourage polluting vehicles from problem areas. However, this option is unlikely to be appropriate in Basildon as it is more suited to city locations.

Cllr Alan Ball, Chairman of Basildon Council Regeneration and Environment Committee, said: “I would like to reassure residents that a congestion charge for the A127 is highly unlikely to ever happen. It is just one example of the types of measures councils could take to improve air quality, which is both a national and local issue.

“Following a joint meeting with DEFRA, we have formed a working group with Rochford District Council and Essex County Council to assist in reducing air pollution.”