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Basildon Council leading project to develop new technical university in south Essex

02 Mar Basildon Council leading project to develop new technical university in south Essex

Basildon Council, on behalf of the Association of South Essex Local Authorities (ASELA), has been leading the way in the development of proposals for a new technical university in south Essex.

The University is intended to establish a prestigious and high quality employer-led institution delivering higher level technical education with a clear route to high skilled employment.

The proposed university will use apprenticeships and degree apprenticeships, in conjunction with local employers, to meet local training needs in SMEs and large businesses as well as a full-time offer across a range of sites in South Essex.

A feasibility study to fully develop the strategy and viability of the proposal, and to create the high level financial model and the plan for implementation will be completed in the upcoming weeks. But the plans already have the backing of major businesses located within the South Essex area including Ford, Leonardo’s and NatWest Bank.

Leader of Basildon Council, Councillor Gavin Callaghan said: “Our ambitions for a new technical university match our own ambitions for growth and our evolving economy within South Essex.

“The university will provide skills and learning for a range of sectors, and assist in attracting new sectors by providing a spectrum of courses that are directly aligned to the economic sectors on which the future of the region depends.

“It will transform the current higher education offering in the sub-region with a comprehensive and consistent portfolio of work-based learning courses. And best of all, this will all happen locally; giving our young people the opportunity to move on to high skilled employment with major reputable companies locally too.

“Our plan is to continue to work with businesses, providers of higher education and with the authorities across South Essex so that we can start the first degree apprenticeships here in September 2023”.

Graham Hoare OBE, Executive Director of Business Transformation and Chairman of Ford of Britain, added: “We are happy to help and support Basildon and ASELA in framing a proposal which could help Ford meet their future higher level technical training requirements in the Essex area.”