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Autism’s got Talent Roadshow in St Ives hailed a success!

06 Oct Autism’s got Talent Roadshow in St Ives hailed a success!

Anna Kennedy OBE and her team are still buzzing from Saturday night’s wonderful Charity Roadshow.

Autistic Performers gave it their all on stage and showed everyone what they CAN do and so well.

Anna Kennedy and Philip Barnett met through Comic Reliefs Peoples Strictly and are now life long friends .

The charity team would like to thank Philip personally for allowing them to use their wonderful theatre in St Ives and to all his amazing Kidzrus students for their wonderful performance and show of support.

It has been a tough couple of years for the charity and their families because of lockdown however, this was the first show we have organised in two years, and Anna Kennedy shares ‘we did what we do best and celebrated the wonderful talent of the autism community on stage and the audience appreciated and were in awe at every performance. We have really missed seeing old and meeting new performers.

The best feeling our charity volunteers experience is standing at the side of the stage watching our performers nervously waiting then give the performance of their lives and come off stage beaming and proud of themselves. Kids and adults that are buzzing, and an audience feeling it with them. But they all have a story, they’ve all been prejudiced against or misunderstood.

When our performers come into rehearsals in the morning all quite shy and not sure what to expect. They leave making friends, becoming part of the AKO family, and appreciated for their worth. The audience leave with a better understanding and realise that someone’s disability is all too often an ability. ‘

One of our performers Kieron Lee shared:

“An absolute showstopper, simply the greatest show on earth. I have been a part of Anna Kennedy Online for the best part of six years, and each time I get the opportunity to perform I have grown. I have so many difficulties that at times I have a strong feeling of doubt in myself, and every single day is a roller coaster full of different emotions (without fail), I can be sarcastic, but be so oblivious when it’s towards me, constantly restless and mind ticking! I feel so connected with everyone that is part of this amazing project that tries to aid as much awareness for autism as possible, working constantly around the clock! For anyone that is doubting themselves, please don’t, having everyday difficulties really does push you back – but shows like this, really do make a difference for those present and future performers. I encourage you all. Last night the talent was seriously unreal, these kids are beyond their years! For anyone that’s seen some coverage of last night show, I really encourage you to check out Anna Kennedy Online and see one of their shows, it really is an astonishing and unforgettable night.”

Dawn Avery our Charity Champion shared about her son Aston, our Charity Ambassador:

“Last night some of the amazing people that have also been on a similar path took to the stage some are only just beginning. I felt different after all the uncertainty of the last couple of years . I missed the ones I knew should be there and I felt emotion for the ones who had only just arrived. I cannot express the emotions of every act … every performer giving their best to show their overcoming adversity. I looked in the audience at the pride. The family’s acknowledgement of their own journey reaching something. I looked at our fellow volunteers at Phil and at Anna … my eyes welled at I see Aston remove that jacket and tell us all his proud. it wasn’t just for him last night it was for everyone. Today is a reflection and to each and every performer past and present to their families to the volunteers … autism really does make us proud …”