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Autism’s Got Talent 2022 applications are now open!

21 Dec Autism’s Got Talent 2022 applications are now open!

Founder of Autism’s got Talent Anna Kennedy OBE is looking for autistic singers, dancers, musicians, comedians, magicians, poets and gymnasts.

Plus, those with more unusual acts to share.
Recognising the uniqueness of those with autism Anna Kennedy, who has two autistic sons with has worked tirelessly to find ways of recognising the ability not the disability in these individuals. The Autism’s Got Talent event is one of the ways of recognising that ability and will showcase a whole host of talent.

Describing the event Anna Kennedy shared:
“This is a great opportunity for those with autism to get up on stage and really show what they can do. So often society views these people as difficult and uncommunicative, but this event will really dispel that myth with some fantastic talent on display.”

This whole concept is based solely on inclusion and there needs to be more, which is why we have started roadshows across the UK.

Unlike other talent shows the evening will have many surprises and delights as children and adults showcase and perform before a live audience.

Autism’s Got Talent, which is an annual event at The Mermsid Theatre Blackfriars, is growing in popularity and now in its eleventth year and has firmly cemented its status as a leading charity and autism event

To apply please contact or check out the link on the charity website the closing date for entries is on 30th April 2022.

Show us your Talent!!