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Autism Got Talent star Calvin Glen in Diana Award nod

04 Jul Autism Got Talent star Calvin Glen in Diana Award nod

by Matthew Martino

Calvin Glen is a name that will soon known to most of us, the talented youngster who wowed hundreds with his performance on Autism Got Talent has yet another reason to celebrate.

Glen took to Twitter to announce his latest achievement which is that he has been given an award on the official 2017 Diana Awards Honour Roll. 

He said “I feel very privileged to be nominated for such a prestigious award. I would like to thank Anna Kennedy firstly for nominating me and secondly for all the hard work she puts into supporting young people on the autistic spectrum through her charity Anna Kennedy Online.”

The list which honours scores of young people around the UK is handed out to a young person who upholds the values that Princess Diana governed her life by: compassion and kindness.

Anna Kennedy echoed the award bestowed telling us “This is one of our Autism Got Talent performers an all round great young man and role model.”