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Autism with Attitude make dance history!

03 Dec Autism with Attitude make dance history!

Autisms Got Talent performers ‘Autism with Attitude‘ dance team have recently competed in their first competition at the South East street dance championships.

It was their first competition and given that the SEN dance world is currently not very widespread, they were the first dance team with special needs to take part in the event.

Not only that, their performance placed them 3rd overall in their category.

They are making history by being the first special needs team to ever place in the top 3 at the event. The pupils are from Hillingdon Manor School which was set up by Anna Kennedy OBE in 1999.

Jonathon Baron the schools full time Streetdance teacher has been working at the school for 5 years and created Autism with Attitude who perform every year at Autisms got Talent created by Anna Kennedy and known as Simon Cowell of the autism world.

They have qualified to compete at the European championships next year in Germany and have the opportunity to represent the UK on an international platform.

Anna Kennedy OBE the founder of Autisms Got Talent told us “Just even saying that sentence is so monumental that they have managed to achieve this for themselves, the impact that they have had on the mainstream world by achieving all of this is just huge and they literally making history acting as ambassadors for all those with special needs around the country.”