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Aunt Bessie’s Celebrates 25th Anniversary with Giant 25-tier Yorkshire Pudding Cake

28 Oct Aunt Bessie’s Celebrates 25th Anniversary with Giant 25-tier Yorkshire Pudding Cake

To celebrate its silver anniversary in style, Aunt Bessie’s has created the UK’s tallest Yorkshire Pudding cake, made entirely from 25 tiers of its 25% bigger*, new and improved Golden Yorkshires recipe.

The showstopper creation took over two hours to carefully construct and measures a whopping 8ft 11in top to bottom, the same height as the world’s tallest man. The 25-tier cake consisted of 965 Aunt Bessie’s Golden Yorkshire Puddings, plus a few delicious fillings and lashings of gravy.

The superior Golden Yorkshire recipe has the same colour, homemade taste and crisp yet fluffy texture Aunt Bessie’s prides itself on, but from September the puddings will be 25% bigger* – much to the delight of roast dinner fans across the country.

David Barr, Yorkshire Pudding Guru at Aunt Bessie’s, said: “Having worked at the factory for three decades, I’ve tasted thousands of Yorkshire puddings and seen lots of changes – but I’m proud to say that this is our best recipe yet. We only use the finest quality ingredients to ensure the best-tasting puds end up on the nation’s dinner plates. What better way to mark this magnificent milestone than with a gigantic Yorkshire Pudding cake!”

Ready to cook straight from the freezer, Aunt Bessie’s Glorious Golden Yorkshires means there is less time involved in cooking the ultimate roast dinner and more time to enjoy with loved ones.

Aunt Bessie’s 25% bigger* Glorious Golden Yorkshire Puddings will be available in Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Waitrose, Ocado from September