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Anna Kennedy OBE’s Monthly Sky Slot Takes Off

26 Jun Anna Kennedy OBE’s Monthly Sky Slot Takes Off

Last week autism advocate Anna Kennedy recorded her first monthly news piece on Autism with Sky’s The Chrissy B Show the UK’s only TV show dedicated to mental health and wellbeing .

One of the topics she spoke about was that recently many parents have contacted her through the charity website or via social media sharing that they are struggling to find and access out of school clubs or groups such as performing arts, sport etc and sadly they have been turned away due to their autism.

Kennedy told us “I wanted to see how wide spread across the UK this was happening to families.

As the founder of our well known Autism’s got Talent annual show and seeing first hand how wonderfully talented autistic individuals can be showcasing their talent in the creative arts and media world.”

Kennedy set up a Facebook survey a couple of weeks ago and so far 250 families have completed the survey.

Questions asked were :

  • Has your child ever been turned away from a local club , performing arts class, sports facility or leisure environment due to their autism?

Over 50% of the participants have said yes and have added that this has made their children feel upset and even more isolated.

  • Does your child have a hobby or talent?

Over 70% have replied yes. Hobbies and talents ranged from Dancing, Minecraft, Playing the keyboard, making videos, Horse Riding, Sailing, Golf , Computer Games, Programming and many more.

  • Do you have Autism friendly clubs in your area ?

Only 53% of families have replied yes.

Kennedy’s segment on Sky’s Chrissy B Show premieres this summer.

You can watch highlights from Autism’s Got Talent here: